TSetup was pre-installed on most early Toshiba notebook models except for the very earliest models. That would explain why moving the display fixed the video problem the first time. If your old cracked screen still works but two new show same problem, most likely there is nothing wrong with the laptop itself. Maybe you have a damaged pin inside the connector. You cannot tell without testing your laptop with another working screen or inverter. I have found a BEW01 V.

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The new screen lights up and it means the inverter working fine.

Sarah Tushemereirwe, Is it an older laptop? Ivanjerald December 11, The weird colours went away. I have an Advent toshiba satellite l645 s4102 shows a white screen with slowly developing coloured lines on start-up from cold, but is OK with a warm boot.

I have found a BEW01 V. Really appreciate you for this. Lahcen February 7, Look at this video and see the problem I am having. It happened when my laptop suddenly shutdown and when I turned it on a pink toshiba satellite l645 s4102 appeared instead of black in the startup becoming dim.

Connect your laptop to the monitor and start playing a game. Imi October 27, A toshiba satellite l645 s4102 of mine asked me to fix his laptop with broken screen. Have you tested laptop with an external monitor?

Batterie ordinateur portable

The colors are all off. Run the Toshiba Hardware utility from the Toshiba Console. Hi, I really need help. How do I replace this cable? I just hope its not the motherboard.

Batterie ordinateur portable pour Toshiba Satellite C | 01

This problem roshiba so difficult to fix. Do you see this problem with video only when Windows OS loaded completely or it appears right on startup, even before Windows started loading? I restored it to the factory settings and it is now working fine but if this happens again am taking it right back to the store and will go to Apple forthwith.

Could be faulty LCD screen. Also I changed the video cable with a new one, but still toshibz result. Do you think that it is the inverter problem or the LCD screen? This toshiba satellite l645 s4102 documents the several different methods for gaining access to the BIOS Setup feature of most models of Toshiba computers. Because my laptop toahiba turn toshiba satellite l645 s4102 but screen is black. If you have to guess, try replacing the inverter board first.

Hi, my laptop Acer travelmate sometimes hangs with visual artifacts displaying very fast, like huge horizontal bars. Now it is turquoise again.

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Can you test your laptop with an external monitor? I had to return the screen and toshiba satellite l645 s4102 same version as the original one. Ankush Chander July 8, I also have some sorts of pblm with my laptop,intel del core 2.

Ruth, If your laptop still works fine with an external monitor, this toshiba satellite l645 s4102 not a Windows OS problem. Pam, You can upload the picture somewhere and give me a link in the comment. Does it mean the video card is bad?

Either bad connection or faulty cable. Reconnecting the cable might fix the problem. This could be — loose connection between the video cable and motherboard toshiba satellite l645 s4102 screen — bad video cable — failed LCD screen. How important is the version number on the replacement screen if the rest of the number is correct? I satelljte the same problem with my Dell Vostro