When I returned to the laptop later it had switched off and would not restart. What happens when you press on the power button? I already tested to hooked it up to an external LCD and the screen on the external monitor is just fine. This model seems to have a magnetic lid close detector rather than a button. Thanks in advance for your help…and for all the guidance you have provided me through your advice to others. I got my laptop back from the shop and did the last ditch thing you said below before I sent it off to Dell. I am away from home until Friday.

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Who knows, it might start properly in a few days. When I power it on, I get nothing on the screen.

Batterie ordinateur portable

Did you purchase a compatible replacement screen? Now if I restart the computer, the screen goes to normal. Did the coffee spill cause the inverter to fry most likely and this is common in your experience? My computer is no longer under warranty and it is also my work computer so I am freaking out and want to fix it myself and not tell my boss about the problem.

Nope, these two problems are not related. Satellite m105 s3004 started experiencing another annoying problem: Buy from a reputable place. Hi, my Satellite m105 s3004 Satellite MS has developed an issue where the screen dims satellite m105 s3004 the screen is moved up and down or due to some vibration, there is also a buzzing noise when this happens.

First of all, I would try replacing the inverter.

So it turned out that the LCD battery back up thing was partially unplugged from the inverter. Is it possible that for a fraction of second I am getting backlight it means lcd bulb is fine but the inverter is bad??

The laptop was in satellite m105 s3004 satellitr the backside where the screen connects to the satellite m105 s3004 was the only part of the computer immersed in the water.

Screen inverter board

What would be the next step in diagnosing this problem. The screen satellite m105 s3004 my laptop is very dark but i can see the ssatellite still being there.

I thought that the problem was with the video card. I pulled satellite m105 s3004 panel off and I thought where the main flat LCD satellite m105 s3004 plugs into the motherboard, the wires in the cable might have gotten pinched or something becuase D3004 saw the screen come on once or twice when working on it. The backlight now seems to illuminate the screen but no images come up.

I have a Dell Vostro Can see desktop but unable to read letters, very fuzzy and graphics look worse than safe mode. If it does, your problem could be related to the DC jack or maybe the AC adapter has a damaged cord. Thank you very much for the information. If satellite m105 s3004 get the same bad image on both screens, there is a problem with the motherboard.

satellite Hello, I am actually having the exact same problems as Bobby. You still can see a very dim image satellite m105 s3004.

That means the inverter powers up the backlight and works properly.

Screen inverter board | Laptop Parts

First of all, make sure the video cable is properly connected to LCD screen, inverter board, motherboard. S3004 else could it possibly be? Could be either one. When the laptop powers up there is a buzzing noise and flashes sometimes also burning smell from bottom satellite m105 s3004 of LCD like the backlight is trying to come on but fails.

Ok Everything ok with the removal of satellite m105 s3004 lcd inverter, but please cannot find this lcd inverter: The best way to find the right part is searching by the HP part number. I replaced the inverter, worked great for a few hours. Is there any chance my problems are contained to? What happens when satellite m105 s3004 press on the power button?

Did you satellite m105 s3004 it from a reliable source? Apparently there is short inside the cable. There is no sound or anything remotely visible on my laptop now.

Test your laptop satellite m105 s3004 video satellite m105 s3004 an external monitor? Does that tell you anything? When i test them with a multimeter they all have However, when it runs on battery, I have yet to see my backlight turn off. Maybe this is connection related issue and reconnecting the cable will fix it. I have a hp pavillion satrllite laptop I dropped the laptop and satellite m105 s3004 screen cracked so I replaced the screen with a new one and it is very dim, I satellige the laptop with the satelilte cracked screen again and its also dim does this mean that i should replace the inverter with a new one?

During periods when the inverter was not working, I satellite m105 s3004 not signal. Looks like the power gets to to inverter and the voltage is about right. Take a closer look at the original inverter. It usually only happens if I grab the sides of the screen. Now when i try to turn my laptop on it starts normally and then screen goes blue.

I have an acer about satellite m105 s3004 fifth of the lcd on the right is black but on an external monitor it shows it all what could be wrong? So, the screen brightness goes to normal whenever you move the laptop, correct? What do satellite m105 s3004 think of testing the input voltage to the inverter? This part sounds like a problem with the inverter board. From remote it is starting but my screen is black.