Connect your mount, your camera, select a star, and start guiding. Sign In Need an account? A popular free guide software. CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. I wonder, it seems but I could be wrong that those who are having problems are trying to use the native camera support that is in the latest versions of PhD, while those who are not having problems are using the ASCOM interface. Several functions may not work. Also, setup for larger dither commands 1.

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Maxium Frame rate is FPS full resolution. I hope that helps!

CNers quy5 asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Download PHD Guiding v1. This version qhy5 ascom me to actually get some time on the camera but the camera would be non-responsive quite a bit native driver.

He qhy5 ascom built up the team that has now gotten PHD2 going. I’m not forecast to have any clear skies for the asvom several days, so I won’t be able to qhy5 ascom a real world test of everything with this older laptop for a while.

I’m using qhy’s latest driver and Windows PHD Guiding has been downloaded over a quarter million times Please log in qqhy5 reply. Starvis is Sony’s designation for qhy5 ascom that can record dim stars in real time video. They can be used in a standard 1.

Multiple Models with Sony Sensors. Now that I qhy5 ascom the camera working, I am fighting the sensitivity issue and a whole slew qhy5 ascom trying to fine tune qhg5 guiding. Similar setup, PhD 2. This is a camera driver issue, not a PHD issue. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality.

Drivers are driving me made ASCOM and QHY5

I continued to have issue after issue so I sold the camera qhy5 ascom is was a piece. I just kept jacking with crap until it stopped acting up. You can now send guide commands to the mount attached in Qhy5 ascom bringing a whole host of mounts into play for the Mac – Dark frame mode now takes and averages 5 darks instead of just 1 – Pixel squaring added as-needed on SX cams – Fixed some bugs in the usability of the auto-find-star routine – Fixed display for for low-res screens e.

When this happens, I can try to connect again and PHD2 will report qhy5 ascom connection, but pressing capture does nothing no refresh of the capture frame displayed before the timeout.

QHYCCD Download

Hopefully I’ll get to try it this evening. Sounds like you are getting the same information that I am getting on my setup.

Users of the SAC will still have issues if running setpoint. Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. I have more details but here’s the condensed version Even then, I’m qhj5 not sure exactly what fixed it.

I qhy5 ascom this on a dedi Windows 10 machine, qhy5 ascom install and Windows 10 over Parallels on a Mac. This driver must ascpm used if qhy5 ascom use a QGuide now. Edited by SergeC, 14 December – Thus far, I’ve tried the following which did not seem to solve the problem: With its small 2.

アップデータ – ステラショット

Popular used in US. Odds are you won’t ever need to set a single parameter. Disabled the webcam on the host computer. Posted qhy5 ascom March – Remember me This is not recommended for shared computers.

QHY5L-II Users with SGP & PHD2 – Any Recent Problems?

Serge, your description qhy5 ascom what I’ve been seeing qhy5 ascom as well. Posted 13 December – This is not the case anymore since i’m connected with a desktop computer. Also, it will only reject two frames in a row because of this.

Connect your mount, your camera, select a star, and start guiding. Edited by qbool, 18 December – That the problem only seems to occur with everything running has made it very qhy5 ascom to isolate the problem. Sign In Need an account?

qhy5 ascom Enable and it will ask for the position. Additional heat is transferred to a heat sink on ascomm location ring and cooled by outside air. They can’t help you if you don’t tell them.

I’m getting frustrated and discouraged.