Is it the battery? Most Popular Question computer says camera unknown Cameras. It does not show to be charging or to be charged. Ask Talk to Expert. Subscribe to our newsletter. This is probably a faulty of the camera charging system.

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Answered on Feb 23, Subscribe to our newsletter. It does not show to be philips pj44432 or to be charged. Hehehe, what if ur name was really charlie.

Answered on Feb 11, Posted on Oct 07, Be the first to answer. I thought it was philips pj44432 i’d ran out of battery but i’d charged it not long ago, anyway i charged the battery up again and it still won’t philips pj44432 on. Retracts lens and viewfinder closes down. Kodak Z Digital Camera.

Thought perhaps the battery needed charging, but when camera is put on charger, the camera will not charge.

Could it be a defective cord?? Philips Cameras Answered on Sep 13, Pj44432 I put it on t It seems like my docking station won’t charge non-Casio batteries. Before I left I thought philips pj44432 batteries were old and I replaced them with new philips pj44432 en-el3e.

Answered on Feb 17, You will have 15 seconds to respond.

Philips PJ – digital camera Overview – CNET

The camera is just a dumb philips pj44432 when connected, leaving control to the computer. Then you will be able to access your photos on philips pj44432 pjj44432 If you have problems downloading, please read our downloading guide.

Get ready to buy new camera: What are the precise description of the last “black out”? Visit the global forum English language.


And it prob doesnt work. Try a philips pj44432 one. But, anyway, u prob broke it. With my camera on the dock philips pj44432 the dock light is on, the battery light does not come on at all. After a few days I went to go and use the camera again, but it would not power up. If not, could you please precise what lens are you using? My camera got soaked in saltwater and sand last night. Philips pj44432 search term 3. No light at all. Then, plug your camera into the computer through the USB cable, and it will pop up philips pj44432 removable storage.

Philips Cameras Answered on Apr 27, Philips Cameras Posted on May 06, Philips pj44432 the first to answer. After shooting some terrestrial pictures outside the housingI shut the camera off.

Unfortunately, the publisher of this driver has not submitted any valid download links. The battery seems fine – thoughts! You have to disconnect from the USB port to have any function. Though philips pj44432 try to check the end user license agreements on all software, we strongly encourage you to determine whether this software or your intended use is legal. I extracted some photos put them on my computer. Worked fine 1 week ago. The camera is turned off. The charger light flashes green when camera dock is philips pj44432 into power and also when plugged into computer.