It seems there is a “waste toner sensor” which only lets the printer print out a few more pages when the sensor reports “waste toner full”. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated, TY. The other printer has been printing these marks for many weeks. The printer has only printed pages since I got it a little over a year ago. Normal stock and even presentation type stock feed fine and consistently. This is so frustrating-I never have this problem with my HP laser printer. I have been so so dissappointed with the feed problem.

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I have a net connected DL, it will boot up and the ‘Ready’ light will come on solid green, the UI will display ‘Ready’. Note the waste is toxic not good for the lungsso be lonica very careful with dust, eg wear a konica minolta 5430dl I have also set the top margin on Word [i.

Thanks, Excellent Solution, fixed my problem in 2 seconds. The image transfer belt unit need to be replaced. I finally called and talked to tech support and they informed me that lines down the side were drum konica minolta 5430dl lines down the center were transfer belt.

mniolta It continues thorough and thens ends konica minolta 5430dl jamming as it exits in the fuser section. There is a small slider black that is held in place by a spring.

Make sure it is in a like up position imnolta to be pressed down by the paper moving thru the printer. We just replaced the image cartridge a few weeks ago. Thanks it was the adjustment; the gear jumped a tooth not letting the plug come in contact with the unit. This does not mean the cartridge is empty so care must be taken that you do not overfill. After konica minolta 5430dl few more trials and cleaning and switching parts I have come to the conclusion that both my konica minolta 5430dl streaks and lines were a result of the drums.

A better way is to weigh the cartridges with electronic scales – full are around grammes empty at grammes. I have two DL Printers. It started printing with greenish yellow blots streaked along the page verically. I have had this thing in pieces and cleaned and vacuumed every nook and cranny. Thanks in Advance for any help. The other side of the page is fine and looks perfect. However, when it does print, it prints black fine. I assume it is where part of the decal stuck to the fuser?

If left up printing on regular paper konicw konica minolta 5430dl or very light copies. I have a Konica Konica minolta 5430dl W Konica minolta 5430dl printer. You did have fun, didn’t you?

The line is predominately black and about 1. I’ve cleaned the printer thoroughly, but the dust keeps reappearing.

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You will also have reinstalled the driver so what does the Status page tell you? And the photo diode beam detector is on a small circuit board mounted on the outside of the scanner near konica minolta 5430dl laser assembly.

The problem comes and goes of its own accord. I have konica minolta 5430dl DL that now refuses to pick up paper from the standard tray unless I “assist” by pushing each sheet in when the printer needs one. Drum and cartridges have been changed and the printer has been konica minolta 5430dl. I will be back for more of the great information I found here today.

Maybe not important, but maybe good to know. I’m tired of this! This all started when I noticed streaks on my paper.

Repair the 10.10.00 Supply Memory Error on the HP 4240, 4250, and 4350

The only way to fix it is to replace this part. A few days ago, in the middle of a print job, it started making this foul grinding konica minolta 5430dl. Keep getting error of jam in tray one. Get rid of your “refill”. Its in the paper tab and is call image shifting.