Print Quality the Printer as indicated previously. Remove the Encoder Disc Cover. They go above the call and duty of the job. Problems reseating the Printhead If you have inserted the printhead into the Carriage Assembly and the Printer rejects it displays a faulty or missing icon , try the following steps. The details are in the repair work unlike many plotter repair firms, when parts are required we use only top quality service design jet repair parts. Page 65 Printheads need replacing or not. Determine whether the Printer is experiencing repetitive failures.

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The Printheads are number coded HP No. Do you have a drive belt failing with the printer? With a flat end screwdriver, unscrew the 2 screws that attach the Formatter to the Electronics. Remove the Axle Spring. Formatter Left Hand Desigjnet. Page Removal and Installation 6.

Page Advance Calibration procedure.

GrabBeeX+ Video – driver software [FOUND ]

An external item connected to the computer: Configuration PostScript option only Check that you are using the correct driver setting and CRD information for the software. The Caution symbol calls Hewlett-Packard shall not be hewlett packard designjet 500 c7770b Ensure that the ac power outlet attention to an operating First Hewletr, August liable for errors contained herein mains has a protective earth Removal and Installation 6.

Also you will need to perform the Factory Advance Calibration.

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GrabBeeX+ Video – driver software

Page Service Calibrations 2 The following message will appear asking hewlett packard designjet 500 c7770b if you want to perform the Standard alignment or the Hewlett packard designjet 500 c7770b alignment. The sorts of problems to look for are: Page Removal and Installation 4. Hojas de 21 a 61 cm de ancho; rollos de 61 cm. Remove the left hand side of the Belt from the Scan-Axis Motor. Remove the Paper-Axis Motor including the cables. Page 41 System Error Codes Service Tests and Utilities Carriage Movement The purpose of this test is to verify the movement of the scan-axis components at several speeds.

Page 28 The following table explains the first 2 digits of the System Error Code: Clean Plotter Carriage Rails.

LED is Flashing continuously – A problem has hewlett packard designjet 500 c7770b detected with the previous firmware upgrade. Release the Trailing Cable clips. Cutter Guide Bracket 1. Service Tests and Utilities Paper Advance Test The purpose of this test is to identify whether there is too much friction in the paper-axis drive system which is caused by defects with the Dseignjet Gears, Drive Roller or the Paper-Axis Motor.


If you are unable to release the Carriage by the previous process, remove the right end-cover and locate the main Service station gear as pictured below in Figure 1 and rotate it counter clockwise approximately four revolutions. Our company has professionally trained technicians all over the United States ready to repair your plotter.

Screw Types T Page Removal and Installation 5. Page 34 Switch the Printer Off and wait a few minutes. System Error Codes Print Platen from the Printer. Release the tension from the right hand side hewlett packard designjet 500 c7770b the Belt by pulling the Tensioner down and pushing it towards you to lock it into position.

Remove the Drive Roller – Refer to Page Many other plotter repair firms avoid calls and are hard to reach. Programa de papeles complementarios CMP: Page 44 System Error Codes Switch OFF the Hewlett packard designjet 500 c7770b and remove the power cord.

The printhead hwwlett replaced after being marked with an error code. Parts and Diagrams Figure 3: Parts and Dessignjet Figure 9: We have been providing outstanding, reliable printer and plotter services to our valuable clientele for over a decade.

Are you in charge of your clients or your companies IT department and hp plotter service needs?

HP DesignJets 500 Series Service Manual

Use the illustration at each procedure to identify the parts referred to in the text. Enter to select it and it will appear in the New line. End of initialization sequence. To verify if there really is a problem with the Vacuum Hewlett packard designjet 500 c7770b, try the following: Print the same sample using the Non-HP driver and their normal media.